Taupe Paint Colors

Taupes are neutral paint colors that combine elements of gray and brown. They produce a warm, calming aesthetic. Taupes complement various design styles and provides a beautiful backdrop for dΓ©cor.

When working with taupes, keep the following in mind:Β 

Taupe is an excellent base color that works with both cool and warm hues. Consider matching it to colors in accent pieces, such as throw pillows, curtains, or artwork. Blues, greens, and soft pinks add a refreshing touch to a taupe room, while deep reds or burnt oranges create a cozy and inviting aesthetic.

Taupe paint colors provide an opportunity to showcase different textures in your space. Experiment with textured wallpapers, woven fabrics, or natural materials like wood and stone. These elements add depth and visual interest, making your room feel inviting and visually appealing.

They pair harmoniously with other neutrals. Create depth and dimension by layering different shades of taupe, beige, or cream in your furnishings, rugs, and accessories. This adds subtle color variations while maintaining an overall cohesive and calming aesthetic.

The way a taupe appears can be influenced by lighting conditions. Consider the natural and artificial lighting in your space when selecting a shade of taupe. Cooler undertones work well in rooms with ample natural light, while warmer undertones can add a cozy feel to rooms with limited lighting.

Highlight architectural details with taupe. Consider painting trim, moldings, or doors in a slightly lighter or darker shade of taupe to create contrast and draw attention to these features.

The versatility and appeal of these Benjamin Moore Favorite taupe paint colors make them popular choices for any design scheme, and allow you to showcase your style while creating an appealing aesthetic.

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