Terms and Conditions:
  • The quote includes three colors of paint (Sherwin Williams), one for the walls (if included), one for the ceilings (if included), and one for the trim (if any trim is included). Additional colors or brands (Benjamin Moore – Behr – Valspar) will be extra charged.
  • This quote only includes work on the rooms listed in the “Property Description”. Any additional work must be discussed with the sales agent and will not start until the extra charge is approved.
  • This quote is based on information provided by the client, however, if the supervisor or painter in charge identifies unexpected damages or circumstances, these will result in an additional charge.
  • All paints selected by the client must be of the same brand (Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Etc).
  • In the case that the customer purchases the paints, we are not responsible for the quantities to be purchased or leftover paint.
  • Any change of team requested by the customer is subject to availability. Nevertheless, if we cannot assign another team to the project and the customer does not agree to continue with the service, this will be considered a cancellation and we will proceed under the cancellation policy.
  • The client must provide specific instructions for accessing and leaving the property and they must be sent to the sales agent.
  • If the client requires corrections of the service we offer a warranty, but NO price discounts.
  • Once the project has been completed, the client can request a warranty process. In the event the client cancels the project BEFORE the end of the service, the process will be continued through the cancellation policy.
  • With the 50% deposit, the client is accepting the terms & conditions of the service.
Your service will not be confirmed until the 50% payment process is completed.These services are guaranteed and must be requested no later than 2 days after the end of the service.
Refund and Cancellation Policy:
The client must ask for a refund service at least 8 hours before the service starts time. If the client cancels in less time or when the sueeper arrives on site, must pay a refund and cancellation fee to pay sueepers for the time and effort they spend getting to your location:Fees for refund requests and cancellation (credit card)
$500 – $1000: 40%
More than $1000: 10% + Materials
*If the client cancels the service during the performance of the service, the client will have to pay:
Materials + % progress