The Wall Street Journal, citing data from CB Insights, reported that investors and venture capitalists invested $ 9.5 billion in the technology sector on mid-November. This amount of money exceeded by half a million dollars the investment in Proptech throughout 2019, the previous record.

It is important to define that the Proptech concept , composed by the words “property” and
“technology”, is a generic term for all companies, corporations and organizations that use
technology to redefine, improve or digitize any aspect of the real estate industry.
In the same way, technical tools used in the real estate industry include owner analysis, building performance data, market analysis research, and more.

A clear example of this growth is related to the residential sector, Place, which provides
technology and business services to real estate professionals, recently announced the closing of a $ 100 million financing round led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. This puts the value of the business in a billion dollars.

For this reason every day the importance of investment grows and the arrival of companies is
rising day by day in the digital world of real estate business.