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Turnover Services:

Touch ups, Full Paint, Ceilings, Baseboards, Closets, Different Finishings, and we can clean after painting!


Post Construction:

Painting, Strip & Wax, Cleaning: Get rid of the dust before your tenants or clients arrive. 


Office / Commercial:

Cleaning of your office and enjoy a healthy environment. Common areas, Offices, Desks, Stairs, Kitchen, Bathrooms.

About Us

Sueep is a Fully Insured Professional Painting and Cleaning company

Sueep is a Fully Insured Professional Painting and Cleaning company , that has been providing services for a decade. Sueep focus on providing the best service according to our customers’ needs.

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We are proud of the projects we have safely and expertly delivered.

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Condo Painting
Purchased a new condo and wanted to do a paint job prior to moving in. Sueep facilitated the process and delivered a very nicely painted place ready for move-in. Very excited about my new condo, thank you for your help.


House Painting
I hired Sueep as me and my new wife purchased a new home for our family. We wanted to work with professional painters. We spoke with a few companies and found sueep. It was a pleasure working with them and we love our new home!


House Painting
I gave them a call to schedule house painting and they are not only prompt but thorough and make sure every detail in our home was thoroughly painted. They propelry covered all of the exposed areas. Very satisfied with their work


Apartment Painting
We hired Sueep to help paint my apartment prior to placing it for sale and moving out. Sueep was not only the best priced but also performed at the highest quality. This allowed me to quickly sell my property and move out in time.
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